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    Oil Coolers

Oil coolers primarily function to keep a machine running smoothly, manage the quality and temperature of every type of oil, from small fuel coolers to large hydraulic system coolers. For remote-mounted and direct engine-mounted and transmission-mounted coolers, as well as options in-between, AKG offers an efficient solution.

Aluminum Bar-Plate Heat Exchangers

  • Heavy duty construction for industry-proven reliability
  • Low total cost of ownership (TCO) thanks to long life
  • High pressure capability

Like the pre-engineered products available through AKG Thermal Systems, AKG offers custom-designed bar-plate heat exchangers for OEM and other applications. The range of internal and external fins available will be matched to the exact specifications of each design.

LightWeight Cooler

  • Lightweight design for weight-sensitive machines
  • Internal turbulent flow with AKG’s industry-proven oil fins
  • Copper-free and Lead-free
  • Innovative manufacturing keeps cost low and quality high

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