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    Compact Coolers

Reduce the overall size of the cooling system in a machine using compact heat exchangers. These products provide high-performance cooling of individual components and allow for smaller coolers in the fan-cooled package. 

Liquid-Cooled Charge Air Cooler

Compact liquid cooling for turbocharged air – mounted directly to engine.

  • Reduce overall cost of components for charge air aftercooler using liquid coolant as part of the total engine cooling system. 
  • Aluminum core offers lightweight alternative to steel and copper – both with material weight and higher heat transfer efficiency requiring less space
  • Integrate with engine cooling system to solve all heat transfer needs with one supplier
  • Fully brazed aluminum bar-plate core with internal turbulating fins to increase strength and performance. Cast tanks welded to the core to fit exact engine geometry. 

Liquid-to-Liquid Heat Exchangers

Compact liquid cooling for oil, water, & refrigerant. 

  • Reduce overall weight with a fully brazed aluminum cooler
  • Stacked Shell construction provides efficient heat transfer with time-tested turbulator technology
  • Custom designed to mount directly to an engine or other system
  • Automated production for high-quality large-scale production
  • Integrate into switches and cooling systems


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