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    Charge Air Coolers

Air-to-air or air-to-liquid heat exchangers designed for managing temperature of air in a system. Pressure and temperature capabilities apply to compressors as well as charge air going into the engine from a turbocharger. 

Aluminum Bar-Plate Heat Exchanger

  • Heavy duty construction for industry-proven reliability
  • Configurable components to minimize tooling
  • Durable design results in low total cost of ownership (TCO)
  • High pressure capability
  • Air Fin Options include rectangular wavy, triangular wavy, and louvered  fin options ranging from 6.4 fpi to 11.3 fpi
  • No frame required

TubeFin Charge Air Cooler

  • Lightweight, brazed aluminum design for weight-sensitive machines
  • Low tooling using configurable components 
  • Internal air fin options
    • High-performance dense fin
    • Low-pressure-drop fin
  • Range of fin styles will perform in any environment
  • Frameless in most applications

Compact Liquid Cooling for Turbocharged Air

  • Reduce overall cost of components for charge air using liquid coolant as part of the total engine cooling system.
  • Aluminum core offers lightweight alternative to steel and copper
    • Lower material weight
    • Higher heat transfer efficiency, requiring less space
  • Integrate with engine cooling system to solve all heat transfer needs with one supplier
  • Mount remotely or directly to engine block

Fully brazed aluminum bar-plate core with internal turbulating fins to increase strength and performance. Cast tanks welded to the core to fit exact engine geometry.

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