Size Your Own Radiator and Cooling Package Online

The AEL sizing tool redefines how engine cooling packages are sourced and delivered.

Did you know, AKG created an online software for customers to size their product online?


The program is designed for the AKG Engine Line (AEL). AEL is a pre-engineered line of cooling packages that includes radiators, charge air coolers, and optional oil coolers. The main benefit of this particular product line is its two to three week lead time. The sizing program allows customers to size their cooling packages without the potentially time-consuming back-and-forth communication with engineers. Instead, customers can have a full performance sheet in as little as 30 minutes.


Another feature of the tool includes a configuration screen that allows customers to price their specific configuration with a few clicks of a button. Customers can also print performance sheets for the cooling packages right from the tool.


The AEL sizing tool will redefine how engine cooling packages are sourced and delivered. Along with the new sizing program, we will offer discounts off list prices to reward loyal customers.

New users can register at https://ael-sizing.akg-service.net/ (hyperlink) and get started sizing their next AEL today.


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