Kältetrockner Wärmetauscher

Refrigeration dryers

Kältetrockner Wärmetauscher

Refrigeration dryers

AKG designs and manufactures heat exchangers for refrigeration dryers for the preparation of compressed air. The heat exchangers transfer heat between a cold medium and the damp compressed air. This cools the compressed air to a pressure dew point. If required the condensation generated by the cooling process is collected in a condensation chamber integrated into the heat exchanger and continually drained off.

By means of optimum dimensioned channels for both the compressed air and the coolant we achieve optimum heat transfer with regard to low pressure difference, and high resistance to contamination.

AKG heat exchangers are used for heat transfer between compressed air and various coolants. 


AKG Cooler-Workshop 2017

On Friday, the AKG Group organized a cooler workshop for the “Formula Student” teams.



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