Kompressor Wärmetauscher

Electronics Cooling

Reliable cooling is an essential task in today power electronics.
AKG develops and produces powerful air and coolant heat exchangers to cool stationary and mobile electronics applications like:

•    Power generation and inversion
•    Inverters for drives
•    Engines and machine tools
•    Computer and transmission systems

Our long term competence in design of heat exchangers combined with modern production processes creates customized solutions with minimal thermal resistance, high reliability and low space requirement.


    • High Performance
       Liquid Cold Plates (LCP)

    • High Performance
       Heat Sinks

    • Recooler, RadiatorAir/Air

    • Cabinet Cooler

    • Special Heat Exchanger





    Der neue Azubijahrgang 2016 & AKG ist bei den "azubi- und studientage 2016" in Kassel mit dabei! (Kopie 1)

    Als einer der großen Ausbildungsbetriebe in der Region, begrüßte die AKG Gruppe in Hofgeismar, am 01. August, den Ausbildungsjahrgang 2016.



    For additional information about our products and services, please write to:


    AKG of America
    7315 Oakwood Street Ext.
    Mebane, NC 27302

    Main Office:
    +1 919-563-4286