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We are dedicated to preserving the environment

AKG of America, Inc. is committed to continual improvement and excellence in the areas of resource conservation and protection of the environment. AKG recognizes that sound environmental policy contributes to our competitive strength and is critical for continued success of operations while providing valuable benefit to customers and communities. As a company we strive to act as responsible stewards of the environment through continued commitment to implementing efficient and effective environmentally sensitive practices within our organization.

In pursuit of this policy AKG of America, Inc. and its employees commit to:

  • Operate our organization in a manner which supports and promotes resource conservation, pollution prevention, and protection of the environment,         
  • Consider our environmental aspects in planning, purchasing, and operating decision making where financially and technologically feasible,
  • Compliance with all applicable legal and subscribed requirements related to our environmental aspects,
  • Promote environmental consciousness and accountability through training and environmental policy awareness to all persons working for or on behalf of AKG, and
  • Strive to achieve excellence of environmental performance through dedication to the Continual Improvement Process  

The policy applies to all employees, departments, and functions throughout the organization. Full adherence to the policy is expected and necessary in order to achieve the commitments set forth. The policy and our performance under the policy will be continually reviewed with results and improvement actions communicated to our employees and our associated business partners.

ISO 14001:2015


AKG Cooler-Workshop 2017

On Friday, the AKG Group organized a cooler workshop for the “Formula Student” teams.



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